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Upon your death, unless you have expressly planned for your estate, your assets will be distributed based upon the laws and statutes in effect at that time, and the beneficiaries may not be the ones you intend. To ensure that your wishes in this distribution are carried out, you may need a last will and testament, trust, or other estate planning documents.

A trust is a beneficial instrument in that it can protect your assets from estate taxes and the probate process. We will discuss with you the advantages of a revocable or irrevocable trust, along with the responsibilities of the Trustees.

During your life Revocable Living Trusts are particularly helpful to provide for you and your family if you become disabled. Upon your death, it can also distribute the trust assets as you might do your last will and testament.

At the Brien Law Group, our wills and trusts professionals are ready to thoroughly examine with you your goals and how to achieve them, so that, together, we can help you plan your estate and prepare a will or other document that clearly states your intentions.


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Contact The Brien Law Group today to discuss your wills and trusts questions with an experienced estate planning lawyer. We will work with you to protect your family’s assets and create a solution that fits all your needs.



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